birth of Dhritarashtra Pandu and Vidura

Smiling brightly, Satyavati agreed with Bhishma’s proposal. Satyabati told Bhisma, one day the great sage Parashara came and requested me to take him across the river. While I used to be rowing the boat, the sage became interested in my beauty and requested fulfillment of his passionate desire. However, I was afraid of my father’s rage, but I was also afraid that the rishi might curse me. The sage brought me under his control, and in the middle of the river Yamuna, he created a dense fog. He satisfied his sensual desires and was very pleased with my submissiveness. This post is about the birth of Dhritarashtra Pandu and Vidura.

Before that time, Satyavati continued, a fishy odor originated from my body, but after the rishi’s touch, a celestial aroma radiates from me. The sage assured me that by bringing forth a baby within the middle of the river, I might still remain a virgin. The child born of our union was the eminent knowledgeable sage, Vyasadeva. He is truthful in speech, sense controlled, and freed from all sins. ‘If I ask him, then certainly he will generate good children by the wives of your brother’, told Satyavati.

Previously, Vyasa had promised me, ‘Mother, when you are in difficulty simply remembers me, and I will come to you by the speed of the mind.’ If you are willing, Bhishma, I will call him this very moment. Upon hearing the name of Vyasa, Bhishma joined his palms in reverence saying, this sage has true wisdom and sense of control, and would be a fit person to continue the Kuru dynasty. Therefore, you have my full approval.

When Bhishma had given his consent, Satyavati called, Vyasa. Satyavati appropriately welcomed her son and taking him in her arms, bathed him with affectionate tears. Vyasa offered respect to his mother saying, O mother, I have come to fulfill your desire. Command me at once, and I shall carry out your order.

birth of Dhritarashtra Pandu and Vidura

Vyasadeva, hearing the requests of his mother, responded, Since Vichitravirya is my brother, born of your womb, I shall give birth to children who will equal to the heavenly gods. Let the queens see the vows I indicate for one full year.

Satyavati expressed her urgency, there’s little or no time for vows. The earth is without a king, and therefore the citizens, being without a protector, will definitely perish.

If conception must take place this month, Vyasadeva replied, and then the queens of Kashi must be willing to bear my ugliness and strong odor. If they can perform these austerities, then they will give birth to noble children. Let one of the queens, dressed in clean clothes and decorated with ornaments; wait for me in her bed room.

Satyavati then approached Ambika, explaining to her things. With great effort Ambika was convinced that it was for the good of the world. When the proper time came for conceiving a toddler, Satyavati took Ambika to the bed chamber and told her, Vichitravirya had an older brother who has been, until this time, unknown to you. He will soon come here and conceive a child by you that will perpetuate our dynasty. Wait for him here without dropping off to sleep.

Ambika then waited in her room anticipating the person to be Bhishma or one of the other Kuru elders. Suddenly Vyasadeva entered the space, and Ambika, seeing his matted locks, ugly features and unattractive appearance, closed her eyes in fear and didn’t open them once during the time of conception. When Vyasa came out of the chambers, he met his mother who inquired; will this princess have a worthy son? Hearing her, he replied, the kid born shall have the ability of ten thousand elephants. He is going to be adequate to a royal sage, and can possess learning, intelligence and prowess.

However, because the princess has closed her eyes during conception, the kid shall born blind. Upon hearing this prediction from her son, Satyavati wondered, how can a blind king rule this earth? How will he guard his family and the people of this world? You must again conceive another child that can act as a King. Vyasadeva agreed and went away. In due course of your time, Ambika gave birth to a son who was blind. After the child’s birth, he was named Dhritarastra.

birth of Dhritarashtra Pandu and Vidura

Satyavati was anxious to beget another son who could rule the planet, and after receiving Ambalika’s consent, she involved Vyasadeva. Vyasadeva came as promised and advanced the compartments of Ambalika. Ambalika, seeing the disgusting features of Vyasa, turned pale with fear. After conception, the sage left the chambers and told his mother. Because this queen has paled upon seeing my harsh features, the child born will be white in color. His name, therefore, will be Pandu, or one with a white complexion. In due course of time, Ambalika gave birth to a child endowed with auspicious marks. He was pale in complexion, but was handsome altogether respects. Indeed, it was this child who would become the future father of the Pandavas.

Sometime after this child was born, Satyavati approached the gorgeous Ambalika, again asking her to conceive a baby by Vyasadeva. The princess felt she couldn’t bear again to ascertain the ugly features of the sage, and thus she sent to her chambers one among her maid servants who had heavenly beauty. When Vyasa entered the compartments, the maid servant offered respects to the sage, treating him kindly. She took her seat near him when asked. Vyasadeva was well pleased together with her, and upon leaving told her, you shall not be a slave more. Your child will be justice personified and esteemed among intelligent men on earth.

birth of Dhritarashtra Pandu and Vidura

After leaving the queen’s chambers, Vyasa met his mother and informed her of Ambalika’s deception, and the way he had begotten a son by a shudra woman. After speaking with his mother, Vyasa disappeared. The child born of the maid servant was named Vidura. Thus from the wives of Vichitravirya (Vyasadeva) begot two sons, Dhritarastra and Pandu, who would save the Kuru race from extinction. That is a different story.


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