disappearance of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

A blanket of mystery surrounds the death and disappearance of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (several texts agree the date being 29th June, 1533. He was just 48. Neither his mortal remains nor any marked grave was ever found. Several conflicting references to Sri Chaitanya’s Death/Disappearance exist.

The year was 2000. Suddenly, at the time of renovation of Puri’s renowned Sri Jagannath temple a complete human skeleton discovered from the premises of the temple. The length of which was around six feet. (https://www.dnaindia.com/india/report )

There was a chaos all around. But whose carcass was it? Heavy debate continued over a period of time. After all research it was known that the deceased was a very long man and who died about five hundred years ago.

Most people, after judging the situation, came to the conclusion that the skeleton is of none other than, one of the greatest personalities of the Bhakti Movement of Bengal, Sri Chaitanya Dev himself!! At that time, the idea of ​​going to the sea of ​​Sri Chaitanya, which has long been abandoned, as well as the killing of the person in the Puri temple, was also once again publicly established.

disappearance of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

However, this opinion was first announced in the Jagannath temple, which was named as ‘Gumkhun’ (hidden murder), the historian Dr. Niharranjan Roy On 5th August,1976,  wrote a letter to Dr. Joydev Mukhopadhyay of Anandomoyee Ashram of Puri. In that letter Dr. Roy clearly mentioned that Chaitanya Dev was secretly killed in Puri’s Jagannath Temple and there Chaitanya Dev’s body was buried coolly. Dr. Roy also mentioned that “this was a preplanned murder and he had an idea that who had had done that. I have a guess about whom or who made this plan, but I cannot say it. Because I still want to survive for some more days. Chaitanya Dev, Gandhi may be martyr, but I have no desire to become a martyr. “

In his book ‘Chaitanya and His Age’, Dinesh Chandra Sen wrote, “If Sri Chaitanya had died in the temple at 4pm of the day, we know that the door of the temple did not open until 11pm that day. This time it took his body buried inside the temple and to make the temple floor again as it was. It was said at 11 o’clock in the night that Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has merged with Lord Jagannath and being incarnate of Lord Krishna there are no mortal remains.

Not only Dr. Roy or Dr. Sen, Khagendranath Mitra, Girija Shankar Roychowdhury, Dr. Amaluya Chandra Sen, Dr. Joydev Mukherjee, Maliburo, novelist Samaresh Bose – all of them thought that Chaitanya Dev has been secretly murdered. Not only that, when Acharya Suniti Kumar Chattopadhyay started researching the death of Sri Chaitanya he was threatened to kill. Khagenendra Nath Mitra and Dr. Dinesh Sen were badly criticized when they worked on Sri Chaitanya’s death mystery. Dr. Amulya Sen’s condition was more miserable. Yet among the many dangers and death-threatening, he mentioned Chaitanya’s death as ‘Homicide’.

It was a strong belief of Dr. ​​Dinesh Chandra Sen that the Sri Chaitanya was beaten to death by ‘Pandas’ (Priests) of Jagannath. But why? – What was the guilt of his death penalty?

According to the historical difference of evidences, Chaitanya couldn’t become ‘Sri Chaitanya’ after preaching about ‘Sanyas’ and leaving ‘Samsara’ and married twice. After doing the successful ‘gherao’ movement of Qazi’s house he became ‘Sri Chaitanya’. After hearing the organizational power and leadership quality of Sri Chaitanya, that time ruler of Bengal Hussain Shah got threatened.

It was believed that Hussain Shah was able to subdue Sri Chaitanya on that day with his trick and force. Most likely, as a part of his quality, on one hand, Hussein Shah abandoned his extreme Hindu opposition; on the other hand, Chaitanya also continued to preach ‘Vaishnabism’ throughout the whole of Bengal without any ambiguity. Without official patronizing of any ruler, which was quite impossible in that time?

Sri Chaitanya transformed armed warrior Lord Krishna and was presented in a new form of unarmed Lord Krishna in front of this Bengal. Due to his influence and knowledge, Radha-theory and love for God mantra-inspired Bangali Hindu society to accept Lord Krishna in a new form. On the call of Sri Chaitanya, the Bengal people abandoned arms and non-veg food and transformed as a complete war-wrecked forgot all self-defense technique and transformed as suicidal creed.

After his moral victory over the Hindus of Bengal, Hussain Shah’s eyesight was on Orissa. Most likely, on his instructions, Shri Chaitanya went to Orissa and during the eighteen years there, Raja Pratap Rudra Deva was able to accept his disciple hood. Not only that, he was able to disarm the king of Orissa. Even when Hussein Shah was attacked in Orissa, his command was that King Pratap Rudra did not oppose Hussain Shah! Rather, owing to his or his reason, the erosion of the relations between Odisha with the only Hindu state Bijayanagar was inaugurated!!


As a result, the Hindus of Orissa realized this conspiracy of Sri Chaitanya, and they planned to remove him from there too. Pratap Rudra fled to Cuttack soon after the disappearance of Chaitanya and he was deposed and killed by his Chief Varu. Thus Orissa was protected from the Islamic aggression Hindus survived.

Man is mortal. There was no exception to Sri Chaitanya. He also died. But no Pandits (wise person), of Orissa or in Bengal, could not give any specific information about the type, location, time and date of his death. Of course, none other than Swaroop Damodar, Rai Ramananda, Gadadhar Pandit and Achyutananda and Shikhi Mahati are not the witnesses of the last time of Sri Chaitanya. Krishnadas Kaviraj said Chaitanya’s last resort remains’.

– Now let’s see, who his protagonists said about his death.

1. Achyutananda, Dibakar Das, Iswar Das, Ishan Nagar and Laxman Das – according to them, the Sri Chaitanya’s body merged with Lord Jagannath.

2. Jainanda, Norhari, Sadanand, – According to them, Sri Chaitanya took shelter in Tota Gopinath’s temple after having a brick injury on his left leg, and later he died.

3. Vrindaban Das is completely silent about this. Krishnadas Kabiraj, just said ‘disappearance’. Recently some parts of Vrindaban Das’s Puthi (book) were recovered. He also said the word ‘disappearance’.

4. The original character Murari Gupta, poet Karnpur did not say anything about this. Again, some of them said that Maha Prabhu has sacrificed Baishakh on the evening; someone said that in Shukla Saptami months of Ashar, in the seventh Sunday in the Ashar Shukla saptami, someone said that in Falguni Purnima. Lonchandas said in his Chaitanyamangal, “One day Sri Chaitanya entered the temple with Gadadhara alone”. But after the first person entered the temple, ‘Kopat'(door) was closed automatically. After few hours one panda(priest) came and started crying and told that Sri Chaitanya merged with Lord Jagannath. “None of his devotees could be witnesses of this incident. The witness was one of the conspiratorial Panda (Priest).

According to the current historians, let’s see what happened that day. It will give us a clear glimpse that the death of Chaitanya is not normal. The historians question why he entered the Lord Jagannath temple alone, when the idols were staying at the temple of Gundicha? So, did his any close associates played the role of a close prince ‘Judas’? Lochanadas said, when Sri Chaitanya entered the temple alone,

‘দুয়ারে নিজ লাগিল কপট’

‘Door closed automatically’. How those huge gates of the Lord Jagannath temple were closed automatically, Lord Jagannath can answer that. According to historians, those who were inside the temple at that time, they closed the door of their own. If not, then, when the deciples behind the door are pushing the doors to see him

যখন ‘ঘুচাহ কপাট প্ৰভু দেখি বড় ইচ্ছা’

 Was crying and saying ‘open the door we want to see you Lord’, then why did not they open the door?’  But that time he was accompanied by his deciple Gadadhar. Vrindabandas Thakur said in the remaining part of his unpublished Chaitanya Bhagavat,

“আচম্বিতে গোদাধর হইল অন্তর্ধান”

“Suddenly Gadadhar disappeared”. How did Gadadhar ‘disappeared’? He was not supposed to be disappeared? Was he also merged with Lord Jagannath? Who knows? Did the enemy group also kill him in the dark temple? The recently discovered Odiya poet Vaishnav Das written in his book, around 10pm night, the body of Sri Chaitanya lied behind the Garuda pillar, that he saw it with his own eyes. This is the opinion that almost all scholars have said that Sri Chaitanya was killed, and that question was raised who killed Sri Chaitanya? According to the scholars, the responsibility of this nasty job was given on the then Chief security officer of the Jagannath Temple gate guard. His name was ‘Dinabandhu Pratihari’. It has been apprehended that sitting on the chest, holding breath of the throat, he killed Lord Sri Chaitanya.

Now the question is how and where was the body of Sri Chaitanya has been smuggled? According to Swami Abhinavanandaji, former Secretary of Puri Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Mahaprabhu’s body was ‘buried’ under the Ratnabedi of Manikotha. The idea of Dr. ​​Dinesh Sen is that too. According to Dr. Joydev Mukhopadhyay, Sri Chaitanya’s body has been buried at ‘Tota Gopinath’ temple. According to legendary historian and Chaitanya expert Padmashree Sadashiv Rath Sharma, the two old Tulsi temples with the left side of the ‘Tota Gopinath’ paved courtyard, the oldest of them is the ‘Tomb of Chaitanya’.

disappearance of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

At the end, after reviewing all these incidents, I conclude that Chaitanya’s death was not at all normal.

1. Why after the death of Sri Chaitanya, Chaitanya disciple Puri king Rudra Pratap abandoned rathayatra and escaped to Cuttack?

2. With the death of Sri Chaitanya, why did Chaitanya and Gaudiya Vaishnavas left Odissa?

3. After the disappearance of Sri Chaitanya, why was not Damodor, one of his beloved disciples, seen alive? Damodor’s heart has exploded. In the true sense, the enemy’s weapon torn apart the heart of Damodor.

4. Within a few years of Sri Chaitanya’s death, the conspirator Govinda Bidayadhar Vain sat on the throne of Utkal.

5. According to Dr. Dineshchandra Sen’s ‘Chaitanya and His Age’, it is known that with the death of Sri Chaitanya, in Bengal and Odissa the excitement with Vaishnavaism, all propaganda of the Vaishnava community, even the minimum ‘Kirtan Song’ was stopped for next 50 years!

If Chaitanya had merged with Lord Jagannath, then it would be a matter of concern for the people of Chaitanya and Vaishnavism. But it was not happened. In addition, one of the worst fears has been observed among Vaishnavas of Utkal and Bengal was stunned. Dr. Joydev Mukhopadhyay’s opinion was that all the Vaishnava texts written on Sri Chaitanyadev have been avoided the last moment as “unbearable narrative”.

But yes, … this skeleton could not be that true. It may be of the Godadhar Pandit. It is possible to reveal the truth only through the correct method and impartial DNA test. I will request temple authorities, along with the historians, archaeologists and obviously the Indian government to move forward to reveal the truth of Sri Chaitanya’s death mystry.

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  1. This is a very old theory . However , presented nicely . The theory of Chaitanyas birth and death are covered in shadows
    Not only he many Bhakti movement saints .
    Looks like we are dealing with series of Gumnami baba .

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  2. plz someone give me the answer. what happened with that skeleton later? where was it buried later? what happened with that skeleton?

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